TEDxBrooklyn 2013 - EVERYONE ONLY

December 6, 2013 @ Brooklyn Bowl - TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share ideas worth spreading. | Press Release


8:00:00 Registration
9:00:00 The Ashe Quartet
9:15:00 Nicole Glaros
9:30:00 Robert Groff
9:45:00 Jacob Lief
10:00:00 Video: TED Talk
10:15:00 Liza Mosquito de Guia
10:30:00 Luke Bailey
11:00:00 Video: TED Talk
11:15:00 Ji Lee
11:30:00 Terence Nance
11:45:00 Video: TED Talk
12:00:00 Lunch
1:30:00 Caitlin Pontrella
1:45:00 Simon Van Booy
2:00:00 Paul Browde/Murray Nossel
2:15:00 Spike Lee
2:30:00 Gavin McInnes
2:45:00 Alexandre Tannous
3:00:00 Video: TED Talk
3:15:00 Break
3:45:00 Alessandra Lariu
4:00:00 Kiran Gandhi
4:30:00 Dan Rollman
4:45:00 Closing Remarks
5:00:00 Afterparty
6:00:00 Wrap


SPIKE LEE :: Filmmaker    |    40acres.com
GAVIN MCINNES :: Co-Founder of VICE, Rooster    |    roosternewyork.com
JACOB LIEF :: Founder of Ubuntu Education Fund    |    ubuntufund.org
PAUL BROWDE & MURRAY NOSSEL :: Founders of Narativ    |    narativ.com
ROBERT GROFF :: Principal of P.S. 244    |    ps244q.org
SIMON VAN BOOY :: Author    |    simonvanbooy.com
JI LEE :: Communication Designer at Facebook    |    pleaseenjoy.com
DAN ROLLMAN :: Founder of RecordSetter.com    |    recordsetter.com
LIZA MOSQUITO DE GUIA :: Founder of Food Curated    |    foodcurated.com
TERENCE NANCE :: Director/Artist    |    terencenance.com
LUKE BAILEY-WONG :: Silver Lining Architect
ALEXANDRE TANNOUS :: Sound Therapist
NICOLE GLAROS :: Mentor at TechStars    |    techstars.com
ALESSANDRA LARIU :: Co-Founder of She Says, CEO of Shout    |    weareshesays.com
CAITLIN PONTRELLA :: The Movement Creative    |    themovementcreative.com
KIRAN GANDHI :: Drummer for MIA    |    kirangandhi.com
NY STATE OF MIND :: Lifestyle design company with live painting    |    nysmclothing.com
THE ASHE QUARTET :: Classical string musicians group    
BEN SARGENT :: Sea-to-table chef and author    |    brooklynchowdersurfer.com


Our team is proud to present the fourth annual TEDxBrooklyn: EVERYONE ONLY:

In a world where ideas are king, inclusivity is the currency. So this year, let's celebrate the power of WE. WE takes small ideas and turns them into big ideas. WE starts movements. WE changes the world. WE knows ideas need people. All different kinds of people. People that think like you. People that think differently from you. People that know something you don't.

So this December, let's connect with people in our own backyard and let's collaborate on something good. Because let's face it, we're better together.

On December 6, 2013 at Brooklyn Bowl, we invite you join us for talks and performances from the best and brightest minds of Brooklyn and beyond.

Follow us online and feel free to send our team an email with any thoughts, comments, or suggestions. | Press Release

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